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  • Thinking man

    In addition to offering ideal protection of products, Kitahara plans and proposes packaging that cobines workability with economy. In proposing package designs, our watchwords are preservation of natural resources and environmental protection.

  • Designing

    The products we plan in response to client needs are computer-designed with latest technology. We can provide documentation on strength testing, etc.

  • Product being delivered

    Production based on thoroughgoing quality-control results in highest-quality packaging. Kitahara can open its production lines to the public on request. Feel free to contact us at any time for further information.

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We are constantly investing in new equipment!!

Our factories are located in Japan, China and Thailand, and we ensure our products are manufactured in compliance with the world’s highest standards.
In order to achieve this, constant investments are made to update necessary hardware and software, such as machines, equipment and test machines. We strive to always serve our customers by manufacturing our products in a cutting-edge manufacturing environment.

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