Various packaging, cushioning, printed paper, displays, material handling products, novelty goods and other products

Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Company Name Kitahara-Shiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Founded 1951
Established 1954
Representative President Hideki Kitahara
Head Office 〒223-0057
1254 Nippacho, Kita-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
TEL.045-531-8581 FAX.045-531-8599
Capital 50,000,000 JPY
Sales Revenue 4.2 billion JPY (Consolidated FY2018)
Number of Employees Consolidated 590 (As of June 2014)
Business Operation
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of cardboard boxes
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of printed boxes
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of fancy boxes
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of corrugated plastic cardboard sheets
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of polyethylene bags
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of pallets
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of display items
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of various tapes
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of various cushioning and designs
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of novelty goods
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of stickers and labels
  • Planning, manufacturing, sales of other related products
  • All operations accompanying the above

Major financial institutions
[Domestic financial institutions]
Bank of Yokohama Kamata Branch
MFUJ Bank Omori Branch
SMBC      Shinyokohama Branch
Mizuho Bank Shinyokohama Branch
Kawasaki Shinkin Bank Nippa Branch
[Overseas financial institutions]
Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited

Yokohama Head Office Factory, Yamagata Factory, Ibaraki Factory, Akita Factory, Chiba Factory
Thai Kitahara Factory(Ayutthaya, Kabinburi, Chon Buri)
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Main customers
i-dex Inc.
Aramasa Co., Ltd.
Isuzu Linex Corporation
EPE International Corporation
Ohara Inc.
OKI Circuit Technology Co., Ltd.
Canon Inc.
Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
Canon Finetech Nisca Inc.
Canon Ecology Industry Inc.
Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd.
JA Zenno Yamagata
Shinkas Food Products
Stanley Tsuruoka Works Co., Ltd.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Takano Auto Accessories Co., Ltd.
Tanbaya Seika Ltd.
Panasonic Corporation
MAHLE Trading Japan Co., Ltd.
MAHLE Engine Components Japan Corporation
Riso Kagaku Corporation
Asian Stanley International Co.,Ltd.
Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Ltd.
Daiwa Seiko (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Furukawa Fitel (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
IHI Turbo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nitto Kohki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Otec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Electric Works (Ayutthaya) Co., Ltd.
Pias Intercosmex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Asia Pacific
(Thailand) Ltd.
Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Siam Denso Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Pioneer (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tostem Thai Co., Ltd.
Via Logistics Co., Ltd.
Yano Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.


1951 Kitahara Shigeki Store was founded as a sole-proprietorship
1954 Kitahara Shiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established with capital of 500,000 yen
1963 Capital increased to 3 million yen
1964 Yokohama Factory was built in Kohaku-ku, Yokohama
1967 Capital increased to 10.5 million yen
1973 Capital increased to 20 million yen and the end of the fiscal year was changed from October to June
1975 Yamagata Factory was built in Fujishima-cho, Yamagata
1982 Ibaraki Factory was built in Sarushimamachi, Ibaraki
1983 Head office building was completed in Ota Ward, Tokyo
1985 Capital increased to 35 million yen, and Shigeki Kitahara became President
1987 Built a warehouse in Yamagata Factory
1991 Built a warehouse and company housing in Yokohama Factory
1992 Built an office and dormitory
1993 Received Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau Director Award
1994 Thai Kitahara Limited was established with capital of 50 million yen
1995 Thai Kitahara Factory was built
1996 Ibaraki Factory was moved from Sugaya to Kutsukake
1997 Yokohama Plant was designated as one of the best plants in Kanagawa Prefecture
2000 Hong Kong Office was established
2001 Zhongshan Office was established in China
2002 Suzhou Office was established
2006 April 27 Yokohama Factory acquired JIS Q 14001:2004/ISO14001:2004
<ISO14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for improved environmental performance through reducing the environmental burden in companies’ sales activities, products and services. >
2007 Built a factory in Chon Buri, Thailand
2014 Kabin Buri Branch was established
2017 Semi-automatic die-cutter (2000 type) introduced in Yamagata Factory
2018 Yamagata Factory acquired ISO-14001 / Ibaraki Factory acquired ISO-14001
2019 Akita Factory was established in Kazuno City, Akita
Thai Kitahara No.3 Factory was established / Single path printer (simultaneously introduced in July in Thailand)
2020 Chiba Factory was established in Mobara City, Chiba
2021 Chiba Factory acquired ISO-14001
2021 Yokohama Factory FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) CoC certification
Certification No.:C166533 License
Not all products we handle are FSC certified.
Ask us about our FSC® products.
2024 Vibration Test System was installed in Thai Kitahara Limited.