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For nearly 50 years, we have continually strived to produce high quality products and gained customer trust. We intend to try a variety of approaches utilizing our accumulated technology on an eco-friendly footing to provide even higher quality products.

Cardboard boxes, Paper boxes, Cushioning, Special cases, Packaging material, Wrapping material, Material handling products, Display items, Packaging tools, Printed paper, Stickers (for material handling and sales promotions), Other items

Cardboard boxes
General-purpose cardboard, Boxes (with cardboard cushioning), (with form cushioning), Assembled boxes, Single-sided corrugated board, Waterproof cardboard, Colored cardboard, Tempered cardboard, Try walls

Paper boxes
Offset-printed fancy boxes, Boxes with hot stamps, Paper-covered boxes

Polystyrene foam (cut, molded), Polyethylene foam, Suntech/Eperan, Mirablock, Urethane, Molded pulp, Corner packing, L-shaped packing, Sealing, Paper tubes (round, square, Tupack), L angles, Soft angles, Aspack, YB chips, Renature, Instapack, Paper packing

Special cases
Plastic cases, Plastic cardboard (cases, containers), Plastic containers (Sanko, Gifu, Mitsubishi, and other companies), Folding containers

Packaging material
Tape (craft, cloth, PP, cellophane, double-sided, etc.), PP band, Bubble wrap (cut, bag)
Mirror mat (cut, bag), Hand wrap

Wrapping material
Craft paper, Creased brown paper, Thin paper, High quality paper, Vacuum forming, Blister packaging, Skin packaging, Shrink packaging, OPP bags (with glue, with header), Plastic bags (standard, ordered, electric conductive), Tempered plastic bags, Aluminum bags

Material handling products
Plastic pallets, Cardboard pallets (type 1, type 2), Steel net pallets, Racks, Carriages, Handlifts

Display items
PPOP displays, Stands, Signboards, Display panels, Display counters, Balloon POP, Vinyl underlay, Pendant POP, Paper display counters

Packaging tools
For PP band, Hand boxers, Staples, Case tape sealers, Packaging and wrapping machines, Automatic packaging lines

Printed paper
Manuals, Envelopes, Sheet, Forms, Paper bags, Handbags (paper, PP)

Stickers (for material handling and sales promotions)
Labels & stickers (Offset printing, Silk screen, conventional printing), Tuck forms

Tote bags,Balloons,Pouches, Pottery

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Prize-winning products