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We participate in paper container and package design competitions to improve our planning and design ability. This page lists awards received and prize-winning products.

hosted by Tokyo Shiki Industry Union
Products awarded at paper container and cardboard box competitions

1993 Kuwasawa Design School Directorís prize
Costume box (Sebiro box) Costume box (Sebiro box)
Carrying box designed to retain the shape of suits. Small print on the surface softens purchaser resistance. After use, it can be converted into a drawer simply by changing the location of the handle. There is a space for insect repellent. We simplified the production line using a die cut box method.

1994 Directorís award of Tokyo Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs
Electrical supply component box foroffice automation equipment. Electrical supply component box for office automation equipment.
Previously we used cushioning affixed to cardboard, but from an environmental point of view, we now use only cardboard pads. The box can withstand falls from a height of 90 cm (on each face or corner).

1997 Presidentís award of Tokyo Shiki Industry Union
Packaging box for tag printers Packaging box for tag printers
The front and back (top and bottom) pads were deisgned to make space for accessories, taking into account customersípallet size. Cardboard only is used for environmental considerations, and glue is used instead of staples. It can withstand falls from a height of 60 cm (on each face or corner).

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