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Yokohama Factory (Head Office)

The Yokohama factory is located near Shin-Yokohama, a perfect environment in the Keihin area in which a number of material distribution sites are concentrated.
As the central factory of Kitahara Shiki, the Yokohama factory has gained greater trust backed up by our accumulated technology, efficient production system and distribution system to meet customers’needs. We utilize our experience in packaging design to swiftly propose environment-friendly recycling packaging and participate in local activities. In 1997, the factory was awarded a prize as Kanagawa’s outstanding factory by the Kanagawa Prefectural Government.

1254 Nippa-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 223-0057, Japan
TEL: +81-45-531-8581
FAX: +81-45-531-8599

Ibaraki Factory

The Ibaraki factory is located near Tsukuba Science City. It plans, designs and manufactures packages for high performance products for export. Specifically, the factory has aggressively pursued technological innovation and developed advanced packaging technology in close partnership with Canon. Inc. It has deployed a wide range of activities, such as development of pioneering plastic cardboard and eco-friendly return packing. The plant also entered the vacuum forming industry as a container manufacturer by making use of recyclable or degradable polyethylene. It will continue activities as a technology development factory.

1970-1 Kutsukake, Bandou-shi, Ibaraki 306-0515, Japan
TEL: +81-297-44-0851
FAX: +81-297-44-0855

Yamagata Factory

The Yamagata factory is located on the Shonai Plain at the foot of Mt. Haguro, and is surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature. Since its opening, it has developed community-based activities under the management concept that values human interactions. This stand has been highly acclaimed and gained great trust and hope from regional enterprise leaders, JA and public offices. The factory will continue to make further efforts in the development of the region.

6-2 Heisoku Aza-Yokotate, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata 999-7645, Japan
TEL: +81-235-64-3985
FAX: +81-235-64-5515

Akita Factory

The Akita factory is located in the corner of Lake Towada, in the corner of Akamori and Iwate prefectures. It became a member of the group from July 2019.

1-7 Towadayamaneuenotai , Kaduno-shi, Akita 018-5331, Japan
TEL: +81-186-35-2013
FAX: +81-186-35-2015

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TEL: +81-45-531-8581 FAX: +81-45-531-8599
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